Lochinvar Belcher

Boomer Humor

Stuff and Nonsense
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Lochinvar’s comedic career started in Boston in the early 1990’s and petered out soon thereafter.  He attributes his early failures to not obfuscating himself clearly enough. He is returning to the comedy scene after a long hiatus and several unsuccessful business ventures (running a coin-operated laundramat in a nudist camp, valet parking at The Wafflehouse and waste management). This time, Lochinvar is taking heed of his father’s oft-given advice, “carpe diem”. Since this is a foreign language term, he’s still not sure what it means, but has vowed to google it as soon as possible, maybe even tomorrow.  This time, he’s given himself a firm deadline for success.  If he hasn’t made a name for himself (other than Lochinvar, of course) by the time he’s 85…maybe 90 or 95…right in that neighborhood, he will abandon his efforts and do something else. His one goal in life is to eventually become a has-been....and then maybe a game show host.

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